This multidisciplinary research group emphasizes the synergy of mathematics, engineering and computer science in the areas of imaging science, computer vision, information theory and learning. Topics of interest include wavelet. John Nash Jr., a legendary fixture of Princeton University's Department of Mathematics renowned for his breakthrough work in mathematics and game theory as well as for his struggle with mental illness, died with his wife, Alicia, in an automobile accident May 23 in Monroe Township, New Jersey. He was 86, she was 82. 2 days ago · PhD Students engage with faculty one-on-one in pursuing their research interests. We offer a broad curriculum of graduate courses in applied mathematics to provide students with the tools they need to succeed, and we offer different degree options tailored to our student’s academic goals: PhD program. Applied Math MS On-campus Program. The Ph.D. program requires a minimum of six residence units. This is not a difficult requirement to satisfy since the program generally takes four to five years to complete. A student who has done graduate work at another institution may petition to transfer residence credit but may not receive more than two such credits. Thesis/B Exam.

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